Internal High-Level Cleaning

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ATEX Premier Cleaning – Internal High-Level Vacuum Cleaning Across The UK


Our internal High-Level vacuum services remove the build-up of dust high up.

We use 15.2m carbon fibre pole kits to reduce the need for access equipment, saving you time and money.

Dust removal is essential to stop the dangerous build-up of dust within any building.

The ‘in-reach’ areas of your premises are easy to maintain but those ‘out-of-reach’ areas are just as important.

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High Level Cleaning UK

Why Should I Choose ATEX Premier Cleaning For My High-Level Cleaning?


With ATEX Premier Cleaning’s high-level poles and vacuums, the days of stopping production and hiring costly access equipment are behind us!

Each High-Level clean is done from the safety of the ground.

We use our industrial strength vacuum and lightweight pole system that allows us to reach areas up to 15.2M high. 

Our variety of detachable cleaning heads will suit all of your High-Level cleaning needs.

A wireless camera system also streams your clean LIVE for your own personal inspection!

ATEX’s specialist team can tailor your cleaning plan to target your High-Level cleaning needs.

This will ensure your premises remain compliant with dust and health regulations, whilst keeping your costs as low as possible.

High Level Cleaning UK

Why Do I Need High-Level Commercial or Industrial Cleaning?


Dust can be extremely harmful to the human body in many ways, making proper dust control imperative for a safe working environment. 

Scientific evidence proves that airborne viral droplets are able to attach themselves to dust particles.

They allow viruses to travel by creating a potential vehicle through which they can spread.

Furthermore, dust is also a serious fire hazard. Regular removal will significantly reduce the amount of dust build-up that could ignite.

Businesses need to ensure regular dust removal is carried out to provide a healthy working environment for their employees, which is compliant with health and safety regulations.

High Reach Cleaning UK

Where do ATEX Premier Cleaning Provide High-Level Cleaning Services?


We provide High-Level internal cleaning across the UK.

ATEX Premier Cleaning is based in Northamptonshire in the Midlands, we happily travel nationwide for your High-Level cleaning project.

 Our High-Level cleaning services are designed for commercial and industrial sites, including

  • warehouses, offices, manufacturing, warehousing, retail, education, textiles, theatres, gym & sports halls, and places of worship.

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Internal High-Level Cleaning