ATEX Premier Cleaning

Specialists in High-level Cleaning
and Equipment Distribution

01 - Atex Premier Cleaning

What do we do?

Many high up areas collect dust and dirt but cleaning those areas can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. APC clean hard-to-reach places safely and effectively from the ground.

In addition to our cleaning service, we offer a stand-alone purchase of the specialist equipment we use.

Fast and cost-effective gutter cleaning for residential, commercial & industrial properties. Our equipment uses a camera system from the ground to clear gutters up to 15m high.

A spray-on antimicrobial solution that, once applied, gives 90 days protection from bacteria and viruses. This is suitable for any surface or fabric, at home or in the workplace.

02 - We Provide

What do we cover?

Industrial Buildings / Offices / Warehouses / Churches / Schools / Gyms:
Buildings with high ceilings, large windows, beams, and other areas where dust can gather. Internal and external cleaning, including gutters.

ATEX-Certified Areas:
Manufacturing spaces where dust can combust and cause explosions. Because our unique system is guaranteed spark-free, it is certified as safe for use in ATEX areas. In addition, it is high reaching, safe and operated from the ground.

Residential Homes
Gutter checks and clearing. We use a camera system to assess the gutters and then the high-level vacuum to clear them of leaves, moss and debris, protecting homes from damp and water damage.

Internal & External
Business Sectors

ATEX Premier Cleaning Cover: