High Level Cleaning Equipment Hire

Hire any of our High-Level cleaning equipment for as little as 2 weeks, at much lower prices than buying the equipment outright.

High-Level Cleaning Equipment Hire

High-Level Cleaning Equipment Hire


Have you considered buying one of our High-Level cleaning systems but felt like you won’t use it often enough to justify budgeting for purchasing?

We now offer internal and external high-level cleaning equipment hire services where you can hire any of our high-level cleaning equipment for a minimum of two weeks.

Our High-Level cleaning systems are perfect for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes so you can try them before you buy.

If you’re debating whether to buy a high-level cleaning system or whether to hire one you are in the right place.

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High Level Cleaning Equipment Hire

Our Hire Service Fits Into Your Budget

Our Hire Service Fits Into Your Budget


Hiring a high-level cleaning system is the perfect choice for businesses on a tight budget, but who still want to keep on top of internal dust or external gutter build-up.

Our hire prices are affordable so you can clean your work premise and keep you and your employees safe, without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, we are currently living in a recession where the cost of living keeps rising with no end in sight.

However, we can help you keep within your budget by hiring our high-level cleaning system providing a cost-effective solution to your workplace health and safety needs.

You can take a look at our pricing range below:

You can look at our teams and conditions here

Our High-Level Cleaning Hire is Flexible

Hire what you need, when you need it.

Guaranteed Quality High-Level Equipment Hire

Guaranteed Quality High-Level Equipment Hire


You don’t have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of your High-Level cleaning equipment when hiring one of ours.

Our specialist engineers always ensure any equipment is up to scratch before we hire them out to give you peace of mind.

Before your High-Level cleaning system reaches your site, it’s guaranteed to work like it is brand new.

Our expert cleaners will manually check to ensure all the parts and accessories you requested are included and work perfectly.

Flexible to your High-Level Cleaning Needs

Flexible to your High-Level Cleaning Needs


You can hire any of our High-Level cleaning systems.

Whether you need it for external gutter cleaning, internal cleaning in your workplace, or specialist ATEX zone cleaning, we have you covered.

Our standard hire service starts with two weeks of hire and goes up to four weeks of hire. However, we want to give you full flexibility so if you want to hire our cleaning vacuums for less than 2 weeks, please do get in touch with us.

Whether you don’t have the physical space to store your own high system, or you only need a one-off job, the flexibility of hiring means you only store High-Level cleaning equipment for the specific number of days needed.

Trialling ATEX Premier Cleaning

Trialling ATEX Premier Cleaning


We understand that purchasing a high-level cleaning vacuum is a significant investment. You have to be 100% sure it is right for you before you buy. We do offer free demonstrations to show you how easy and effective they are but understand you may need more time to trial.

That’s why our hire service could be perfect for you. You have a chance to try out our high-level cleaning system for a few weeks so you can be 100% sure it is the right cleaning solution for your business.


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