Commercial Steam Cleaning

Powerful | Eco-Friendly | Cost-effective

Why do you need a high level commercial steam cleaning service?

It’s a revolutionary step for professional cleaning, where the most stubborn and sticky stains are removed through heated and pressured steam from our commercial steam cleaners.

In high level commercial steam cleaning, high powered steam is pushed up the cleaning pole, up to a maximum height of over 11 metres.

Once the steam reaches the surface to be cleaned, it is removed by the vacuum chamber running the opposite way down the cleaning pole.

Bacteria and viruses stand little chance against our 10 bar, 183 degrees celsius commercial steam cleaners.

Each cleaning attachment has been designed in order to clean specific areas, so you get the clean you need.

Using steam and no nasty chemicals means this is one of the most eco-friendly ways of cleaning now.

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High Level Steam Cleaning UK

What are the benefits of a high level commercial steam cleaner?

  • They are quick at cleaning and decontaminating surfaces.
  • Only water is used, so no chemicals are being pumped into the atmosphere, which protects your equipment as well as your planet.
  • Unique trigger mechanism to control dual action cleaning poles.
  • Save money through saving the cost and hassle of hiring access equipment.
  • Removes stubborn and dried on dirt including grease, oil, fat, and food & drink waste.

Commercial Steam Cleaner

What environments can benefit most from our UK steam cleaning service?

Because of the nature of heavy-duty stains it can remove, steam cleaning is ideal for:

  • Food production industry
  • Mechanic industry
  • Hospitality and restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • and more!

Anywhere there is a stubborn dried-on stain on a hard surface, we can get it!

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High Level Steam Cleaning UK

Where do you provide your high level commercial steam cleaning services?


We provide high reach commercial steam cleaning across the UK.

ATEX Premier Cleaning are based in Northamptonshire in the Midlands, but will happily travel nationwide for your high reach commercial steam cleaning project.

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Commercial High-Level Steam Cleaning