Nilfisk ATTIX 791-21

Very quiet, large capacity wet & dry vacuum cleaners

The Nilfisk ATTIX 7 series is perfect for users who need high-capacity vacuuming and features that focus on efficiency. Our most silent vacuum, with superior suction performance, stainless steel tilt or lift-out container, automatic filter cleaning, anti-static capability and more.

Nilfisk ATTIX 7 combines industrial specification, robust construction and power. XtremeClean’s fully automatic filter cleaning system (selected models) takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds without interrupting your work.

Washable PET Fleece filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs.

SilentPower. High performance that is seen, but not heard

70-litre stainless steel container and a filter bag for the ultimate in effective filtration and working efficiency

Technical specifications

  • Weight: (kg)25

  • Length x width x height: 605x580x970 mm

  • Main filter type: PET

  • El cable (m): 7.5

  • Airflow rate (l/min.): 3800

  • Vacuum (mbar/kPa): 250/25

  • Power Pmax (W): 1500

  • Power Piec (W): 1200

  • Mains connection (V/~/Hz/A): 230/1/50-60/16

  • Container volume (l-max): 70