Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Safe, Fast, & Cost Effective.

ATEX Premier Cleaning: Distributor of Gutter Vacuums, the Quickest and Lightest Gutter Cleaning Equipment on the market.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Gutter Cleaning Equipment


Gutter cleaning is made easy, safe, and cost-effective with gutter vacuums.

Reaching up to 15.2m high with only one operative required, the gutter cleaning equipment we distribute will put you ahead of your gutter cleaning competitors.

Each quote to purchase SpaceVac’s external gutter cleaning equipment includes: a Free Demonstration, Equipment, and Training.


A Gutter Vacuum That Lasts 


For a high-quality gutter vacuum that gives you the ability to see your clean and reach up to 15.2m high, choose ATEX Premier Cleaning as your provider.

Are you a gutter cleaning company?

Do you have a high number of premises that cost a lot to hire in external gutter cleaners?

Whatever your reason for searching for high-level gutter cleaning equipment, we have the answer.

The Latest Gutter Cleaning Equipment Technology

The Latest Gutter Cleaning Equipment Technology


Our pole kits are made of carbon fibre, which is ultra-lightweight and extremely strong. Often used in aerospace equipment and racing cars, your gutter cleaning equipment is made with the latest technological advances.

The inspection camera allows you to see the gutter being cleaned from the ground, share images with colleagues or cleaning customers, and make sure the job is done to a high standard from the ground.

A test showed that the gutter cleaning equipment we provide is the fastest to assemble, the lightest to use, and could reach the highest out of all the gutter vacuums on the market.

ATEX Premier Cleaning

Distributer of gutter vacuums tailored for you.

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Safe Gutter Cleaning from the Ground with Gutter Vacuums

Safe Gutter Cleaning from the Ground with Gutter Vacuums


There are a number of features of these gutter cleaning systems which make it safe.

The patented safety locking mechanism ensures complete safety when operating from the ground by preventing any risk of the pole kit and accessories separating and falling during the clean.

The entire premise of using a gutter vacuum for your gutter cleaning equipment requirements is in itself a safety feature.

Not risking health and safety by putting cleaners at height reduces the costs and time of risk assessment and mitigation.


A Unique Relationship When You Purchase Your New Gutter Cleaning Equipment From Us


The difference when buying your gutter cleaning equipment from us is that we provide a positive and tailored customer experience for all.

When you call to book a free quote or a free demonstration, we will ask you about what the system will be used for.

From this, we will then advise on the best poles, tools, accessories, and vacuum for your gutter cleaning needs.

See Our Gutter Cleaning Equipment In Action

High Reach Gutter Vacuums Doing What They Do Best

Why Bother With Gutter Cleaning Equipment?

Why Bother With Gutter Cleaning Equipment?


The benefits of cleaning gutters include:

  • Damp
  • Water Damage To Walls
  • Subsidence & Water-Logged Gardens

These are all costly problems, which entail a lot more work than if you just ensure gutters are cleared and cleaned regularly.

You can maintain gutters by:

  • Regularly inspecting for and repairing any leaks or cracks
  • Clearing debris as it appears
  • Testing your downspouts
  • Getting the gutters professionally cleaned.

You can clean them professionally yourself with the purchase of one of our gutter vacuum systems for your gutter cleaning equipment.