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ATEX Cleaning

ATEX Premier Cleaning offers cost-effective High-Level ATEX solutions nationwide.

We use spark-free cleaning systems which reach up to 15.2m, negating the costs of access equipment such as cherry pickers. Saving time and money!

Dust explosions occur when combustible dust build up rapidly causing a strong pressure wave to form. A dust explosion can be catastrophic causing employee and community deaths, injuries, and the destruction of entire buildings.

Prevent dust explosions and keep your workplace safe by getting in touch with your needs today.


ATEX Cleaning for COSHH Compliance 

It is imperative to keep combustible dust levels under control, and our interlinking carbon-fibre pole solution will help you do just that.

With a strong focus on safe workspaces for the future the HSE is cracking down on workplace dust exposure. 

There have been more and more inspections as well as fines being handed out for failing to comply with appropriate dust control measures. 

Any businesses working with combustible dust will need to follow COSHH guidelines. Let our services help you in your COSHH compliance, in a safe way.

We operate across the UK. Ensure your compliance by booking an ATEX clean today.

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ATEX Cleaning

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ATEX Zone Cleaning Systems

Our High-Level Equipment 

We use 15.2m high carbon fibre pole kits during our ATEX cleaning which are so helpful in a number of ways.

  • For health and safety – with our equipment there is no risk of falling off ladders or access equipment.
  • There is also no need to outsource access equipment which saves you money.
  • It saves time and even more money through only having to have one person operate the vacuum system and clean.

The pole systems are non conductive which makes them ideal for cleaning in an atmosphere with explosive elements.

Before these systems were created, there wasn’t anything like that on the market. A lot of companies were using brushes and causing dangerous dust clouds.

To see our systems in action, book a demonstration below.

Offered across the UK

ATEX Zone Cleaning Systems

All of our ATEX Systems are:

  • ATEX approved
  • Compliant with HSE recommendations
  • Safe for Explosive Environment use
  • Guaranteed spark-free
  • 100% fully conductive


Our specialist team can tailor your cleaning plan for your High-Level needs. We will ensure your premises remain compliant with dust and health regulations whilst keeping your costs as low as possible.

Get a quote or book a demonstration to get your ATEX cleaned by ATEX Premier Cleaning. We operate across the UK.