Antimicrobial Coating Service

Effective against Covid-19 and its family, for up to 60 days!

Antimicrobial Coating Spray Service


Antimicrobial Coating Service

Show your employees and customers you care by implementing the most comprehensive surface hygiene program on the market today.

Say goodbye to inefficient fogging machines with untested cleaning chemicals, meaning you don’t have faith in your Covid-19 cleaning routines.

Ensure yours, your employees, and your customers safety today by booking in an antimicrobial coating spray service which protects against Covid-19 (as well as other bacteria and viruses) for up to 90 days. 

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Antimicrobial - What is it?

What is an antimicrobial coating?

An antimicrobial coating is a long-term protectant that can be applied to surface areas. The coating kills and prevents growth of microorganisms that spread bacteria and viruses on these surfaces.

The coating spray we use has been tested and certified against numerous ISO and EN standards. These are to ensure its efficacy against the human coronavirus. 


How does our antimicrobial spray service work?

Our formula is a next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial coating which will continue to protect the surface area for up to 90 days after use.

Once the coating has dried it forms an invisible layer of nanospikes that penetrate and destroy cell membranes. 

Due to these nanospikes our product’s process is mechanical rather than chemical in comparison with other long-term solutions such as silver, iron and copper.


Why should I use it?

Our formula is the most comprehensive surface hygiene programme on the market and will significantly reduce the spread of germs within your premises – it can also be used externally.

Prevent costly shutdowns by ensuring Covid-19 can’t spread on your premises.

The coating will not be removed by regular cleaning and disinfection of the area.


How do I know it really works?

Our antimicrobial coating is a proven formula that has been scientifically tested in an independent UK laboratory. 

It has been proven as effective against the human coronavirus family for up to 60 days. Our formula is ISO21702 and EN14476 accredited.

We apply discreet test stickers to treated sites and return every 30 days with our testing solution to ensure that the antimicrobial coating is still active on the surface. 


Where can I use it?

Almost anywhere! The coating can be applied to and bonds with porous and non-porous surfaces as well as metals, leathers, fabrics, and more. 

The coating is invisible, odourless, solvent free and non-flammable.


How do you apply the antimicrobial coating?

The coating is applied through a spraying process. 

Once the coating has been sprayed on it will be touch dry within 10 minutes, but will need to be left undisturbed for 2 hours. 

The coating can last up to 90 days but will be tested every 30 days. Abrasive areas may need spraying more regularly.

We provide all our customers with a dated certificate and sticker upon completion to display to help businesses get back to normal whilst increasing public safety.


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