Keeping industrial or hazardous settings clean isn’t a task for just anyone – it demands a skilled, knowledgeable cleaning staff. In this blog post, we’ll go over why proper training is crucial and the best practices for ensuring your cleaning team is as equipped as they can be!

Why is training important?

High-level cleaning, often associated with industrial, commercial, or hazardous environments, requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. Proper training forms the foundation of a successful cleaning operation, providing staff with the expertise to tackle complex cleaning challenges all while maintaining top-notch safety and efficiency standards.

Enhances quality and efficiency

Who doesn’t prefer a job done right the first time? Trained cleaning operatives perform their tasks more effectively, ensuring a superior standard of cleanliness and hygiene. With a systematic approach, they can reduce the time and effort required to complete cleaning tasks, ultimately making everything faster and more efficient.

Ensures health and safety compliance

In environments where specialised equipment and hazardous chemicals are the norm, health and safety training is non-negotiable. Educating your staff on proper handling and safety protocols drastically reduces the risk of accidents and makes sure you stay compliant with legal standards. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing your team is safe!

Promotes professional development

When cleaning operatives receive comprehensive training, they tend to feel more valued, competent, and invested in the success of your organisation. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower staff turnover rates, ultimately reducing the costs associated with recruiting and onboarding new employees.

The financial and health benefits of proper training

Investing in proper training for your staff not only enhances the quality of your services… but also has financial and health-related benefits!

Cost savings

Efficient resource use leads to cost savings. Trained staff minimise waste and optimise the use of cleaning materials and equipment. When they are more confident in what they’re doing, they are less likely to make costly mistakes, like damaging client property or misusing hazardous chemicals, saving you from expensive repairs or legal liabilities

Enhanced health and wellbeing

Proper training in high-level cleaning ensures that your staff are equipped to control the spread of germs, bacteria, and other pollutants, contributing to a healthier work environment for both the cleaning team and anyone within it. Additionally, a well-maintained and clean facility can have a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of all who interact with the space.

So, what are the best practices for high-level cleaning training?

To ensure the success of your high-level cleaning training program, it is essential to follow a set of best practices that fit the requirements of this specialised field. When you hire equipment from us at ATEX Premier Cleaning, we make sure to train your staff on how to use it safely and efficiently, and answer any questions you may have about using it.

Prioritise safety and compliance

Safety should be the primary focus of your training program. Ensure that your cleaning staff are thoroughly educated on the proper handling of hazardous chemicals, the operation of specialised equipment, and the implementation of safety protocols to control the risks that come with doing high-level cleaning.

Emphasise hands-on learning

While theoretical knowledge is essential, practical, hands-on training cannot be beaten for developing the technical skills required for high-level cleaning. Provide your staff with plenty of opportunities to apply their learning in real-world scenarios, under the guidance of experienced supervisors or mentors.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Cleaning practices, equipment, and regulations are constantly evolving, so it is vital to maintain a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organisation. Regularly review and update your training program to ensure that your cleaning staff are equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices.

Encourage feedback and collaboration

Create an environment where your cleaning staff feel empowered to provide feedback, ask questions, and collaborate with one another. This open communication can help identify areas for improvement, address challenges, and foster a sense of ownership and investment in the success of your high-level cleaning operations.


In the high-level cleaning industry, proper training is not just a necessity – it is a strategic investment with long-term benefits for your organisation, employees, and clients. By taking a comprehensive approach to training, you empower your cleaning staff to deliver exceptional results and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

When you work with us, you get comprehensive training for all of your staff from our industry experts. We want to make sure that you are using our equipment in the best way possible. Contact us today to learn more about getting started with us