Dust In ATEX Zones – the lowdown


Do you work within an ATEX Zone? Or maybe you work in a building that has ATEX Zones? We have put together everything you need to consider when removing the dust from an ATEX Zone.

ATEX Zones can be broken up into several areas, the dangers in these zones can be caused by the build-up of flammable gases, mists, vapours, or combustible dust. ATEX Premier Cleaning specialise in ATEX zones.

ATEX Zones become extremely dangerous to work in when there is a build of combustible dust mixed with oxygen from the air. A single spark is the only thing stopping combustion from taking place. A few examples of facilities that have ATEX Zones include flour mills, industrial printers, textile factories and woodwork due to the fine dust created when working with these materials.

ATEX Premier Cleaning’s equipment supports you in a number of ways

  • Our equipment allows the combustible dust to be safely removed. The equipment cleans both high-level and far-reaching areas, all the way to the ground. We provide a range of heads and bends to collect the dust, whether it’s from vents, machinery, walls or high ledges.
  • Our equipment is specifically designed for ATEX Zones, the poles are 100% spark free and fully conductive. This means that the poles won’t create ignition.
  • The kits and systems are used from the safety of the ground. The poles and vacuums allow you to move around machinery and equipment, ensuring that the cleans are completed quicker than when using access equipment, removing the need to stop production.

We can support your cleaning team with our equipment or you can partner with ATEX Premier Cleaning by booking our cleaning team.



Purchasing the equipment allows you to use it wherever and whenever you need it. With your own equipment, you’re able to stay on top of your cleaning.

If you have an in-house cleaning team or staff that already carry out the cleaning in your facility, then purchasing is a great low-cost option to utilise your current manpower. We provide free training with all purchases, ensuring your team is able to make the most of the equipment you’ve purchased.

When you enquire about this service, we will support you with finding the kit and system that match your facility’s height and cleaning requirements. Whether you require ATEX, internal or equipment for gutter cleaning, we have a tailored option that fits your workplace.



With the option to hire our equipment, you still have access to high-quality cleaning equipment when you need it, without the cost of purchasing equipment.

A benefit of hiring is that you don’t need to worry about the upkeep or maintenance of the equipment. The upkeep of equipment is an aspect our team put a lot of time and care into. After every equipment hire, we clean and check the safety of the poles and vacuums. Then every 6 months we service the vacuums. This ensures that when you hire our equipment it is ready to meet your cleaning requirements.

Our standard hire service starts from two weeks of hire. We also recognise that flexibility is important, if you require equipment hire for less than two weeks, please get in touch.


        Book our cleaning team

Another way we can support you with your ATEX zone cleaning is with our cleaning team. ATEX Premier Cleaning have a team of High-Level cleaning experts that can come to your facilities to carry out the cleaning for you.

Production doesn’t have to stop for cleaning to take place. The team work quickly and effectively. Moving around machinery and working from the safety of the ground.

If you would like more information on the above, please get in touch to arrange for a free demonstration or site survey. Sharing the results our cleaning team achieves by offering the very same equipment we use in-house.