Looking to improve your workplace cleaning? Here’s how ATEX Premier Cleaning can help.


Our working environments vary now more than ever before. With people working from home, in offices, factory floors and warehouses, as we become more diverse in our workplaces, it is important that we become more diverse and improve how we clean.

At ATEX Premier Cleaning we offer a range of cleaning solutions that meet your Internal, External and ATEX zone areas. You are able to hire and purchase our High-Level equipment or book our team of expert cleaners. A solution that compliments a variety of working environments. We work with specialist equipment, such as carbon-fibre poles and industrial-strength vacuums. With a focus on working from the ground, we’ll be sharing how our equipment can help your cleaning to be safe, fast and cost-effective.


For the clients who buy or hire our equipment, working from the safety of the ground offers a range of benefits. The first benefit is safety.

Working from the safety of the ground removes the requirement for access equipment (such as cherry pickers, ladders or scaffolding) and therefore the risk of falling from height. Working from the safety of the ground removes the need to lean over to reach difficult areas which would be a necessity when working from a ladder. Our interlocking poles can clean from ground level up to 15 meters high, and along with the industrial-strength vacuums, the entire area can be thoroughly cleaned.

All workplaces have health and safety requirements, especially if you work in an ATEX zone. It is imperative that you have the correct equipment to successfully clean your machine, vents or work areas, to the high stand that is in line with health and safety regulations. Our Internal, External and ATEX kits allow you to clean to a high standard.

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Fast – The second beneficial factor when working from the safety of the ground is that you can clean quickly. This is something that is incredibly important to our clients.

When working from the safety of the ground your production can continue. Businesses have more financial and deadline pressures than ever before and stopping production for cleaning only increases these pressures. With our cleaning equipment, you can continue production. Helping you to complete your cleaning without any added pressure. The equipment allows the individual to move around any machinery so you can quickly but thoroughly, complete the cleaning. Whereas when using access equipment, production needs to be stopped, machinery needs to be moved and space needs to be created for the equipment before any cleaning can begin. We can help you speed this process up.

Our equipment helps our clients to be more efficient both before and after cleaning. The equipment is simple and straightforward to assemble. Each pole has a safety interlocking feature which connects it to the next pole. The interlocking feature is easy to use and keeps the poles in place whilst you are completing the clean. If the pole height needs to be adjusted during the cleaning this can be done quickly too. Once the cleaning has been completed, the equipment is straightforward to take apart. Another simple way we support you with keeping your cleaning fast.

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Cost-Effective – The third beneficial factor of working from the safety of the ground is that it is cost-effective.

We use different kits and systems for different environments. Different kits and systems clean to different heights with different heads and bends, which allows you to purchase, or hire, at a price that is cost-effective for your business. We understand the frustration of having to pay for a product when you don’t use all the features.

We know that different work environments have different and ranging cleaning requirements. A gym locker room and a delivery warehouse, both require dust and cob-web removal. But the work takes place at

– different heights

– using different objects

– with different activities taking place

We offer a tailored solution. When you enquire about our services, our team will recommend a kit that matches the environment you’re cleaning in, thus ensuring that you’re paying for what you need.

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We are always looking to make our workplaces more effective, ATEX Premier Cleaning can help you to make your cleaning more effective too. The above benefits can be found throughout our services, whether you hire, purchase or have our cleaning team come to your site. If you are cleaning internally, externally or in an ATEX zone, we can help your cleaning to be safe, fast, and cost-effective. For more information about how we can support you, please get in touch below.

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