High Level Cleaning Service UK

Do you have a high level cleaning service booked in? Are you thinking about booking one?


Stop there!


We want to tell you why it would be more cost-effective, productive, and beneficial for your employees, equipment, and premises to purchase your own high level cleaning vacuum equipment.

We all know about the need for high level cleaning, but services across the country are stretched to the max at the moment for various reasons such as the continued aftershock of reopening after the pandemic.

Because of this, you might be waiting weeks or even months to get your high level cleaning service booked in.

ATEX Premier Cleaning are the leading distributor of high level cleaning vacuums in the UK, as well as offering cleaning services.

We would like to share with you 5 reasons that you should invest in purchasing your own high level cleaning equipment and stop booking cleaning services.

5 Reasons to Buy Your High Level Cleaning Equipment & Stop Booking Cleaning Services

  1. Clean what you want, when you want to


When investing in your own cleaning systems, this means you can carry out smaller jobs at better cost-efficiency.

This freedom to clean as needed will be a big help in reducing and managing the build-up of dust and debris in your premises.


  2. Prevent equipment depreciation and keep operating at maximum capacity


The longer you leave between cleans, the more build-up is going to occur.

The level and type of dust and grime accumulation will affect how much it will damage your equipment.

For example, in a food production environment oil and grease build-up can also cause a fire risk.

The cost of replacing and repairing equipment after letting dust and mess accumulate can be spared through the regular use of our high level cleaning systems.

  3. Never wait for the next booking slot available


Due to the national shortage of commercial cleaners at the moment, you will not suffer the longer waiting times.

Not having to wait will save the health of your employees, your equipment, and your premises from suffering.


  4. Save money over time


Your high level cleaning vacuum equipment will become cost-effective over time, as you will no longer have to contract professionals to come in and clean.

With our systems, you have full training free and included with each high level cleaning system purchase, so that you are confident in its use before we leave.

Save money through investing in a cleaning system and reap the rewards.


  5. Keep your premises clean and safe for your employees


Finally, the biggest and most important point is ensuring safety for your health and that of your employees.

Health and safety regulation and compliance with standards such as COSHH require regular thorough cleaning of your entire premises to prevent accidents and illnesses such as respiratory disease from dust.


So, what do you think? Is it worth investing in a high level cleaning system for your premises?

We think so. Find out more here, or book a free onsite demonstration below to see our systems in action.