The Unique Benefits of ATEX Premier Cleaning's High Level Cleaning Systems

The Unique Benefits of ATEX Premier Cleaning’s High Level Cleaning Systems


ATEX Premier Cleaning offers high level cleaning systems that are cost effective and flexible.

Our systems are perfect for a variety of businesses, including warehouses, food production facilities, retail stores, and healthcare facilities.

Our high level cleaning systems are designed to clean all the hard-to-reach areas that are often neglected by other cleaning companies.

We believe that the high level cleaning systems we supply, provide unique benefits that other companies cannot match.


High Level Cleaning Systems – the SAFE option

High level cleaning systems are a safer option than using access equipment.

One-man operated from the ground, they can reach up to 15.2m high.

The risks mitigated by operating high level cleaning from the ground are phenomenal due to not placing the worker at height, which saves risk and paperwork when done in-house and saves cost when outsourcing.


High Level Cleaning Systems – the COST-EFFECTIVE option

We use the most advanced high level cleaning technology to make your building safe.

Our systems can reach up 15 meters without any access equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffolds which means you save money on construction site costs, as well as prevent depreciation of equipment and facilities due to cleaning and maintenance of them.

The Unique Benefits of ATEX Premier Cleaning's High Level Cleaning Systems

High Level Cleaning Systems – the FAST option

Our pole kits are quick and easy to assemble, meaning that we can show up on site and get cleaning straight away without having to construct scaffolding or set up machinery.


ATEX Premier Cleaning – the FLEXIBLE option

We offer you various options for high level cleaning:

Each option has its own benefits, find out more by clicking through the links above.