Why Should I Purchase A High Level Cleaning System from ATEX Premier Cleaning?


So, you’re interested in high level cleaning?

In this blog, find out more about our high level cleaning systems, how they can benefit you and your business, and why ATEX Premier Cleaning is your best choice.

What high reach cleaning systems do we sell?

ATEX Premier Cleaning sells high level vacuum cleaning equipment that is helpful for internal and ATEX zone cleaning as well as external (such as gutter cleaning).

Our spark free cleaning systems reach up to 15.2m, negating the costs of access equipment such as cherry pickers, MEWPS, and scaffolding.

This equipment is able to reach high places and clean them, which is ideal for businesses that have high ceilings or difficult-to-reach areas.

Not only is this type of equipment great for cleaning hard-to-reach places, but it can also save you time and money on your internal cleaning processes.

The importance of keeping your working premises clean has never been clearer. Dust and debris risk incidents such as dust explosions, as well as build-up causing often irreparable damage to your equipment and premises.

Why is high level cleaning important?

High level cleaning systems offer a number of benefits that can be extremely helpful for businesses.

  • High level cleaning systems are perfect for internal cleaning processes as they can reach high and difficult to clean areas.
  • High level cleaning systems are excellent for health and safety compliance as they help reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls; respiratory illnesses; and dust explosions.
  • High level cleaning systems are an efficient way to clean large areas quickly and easily.
  • High level cleaning systems help improve COSHH compliance as they reduce the need for chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Why would purchasing a high level cleaning system benefit you?

There are also options to book in a high level cleaning service with ATEX Premier Cleaning, but there are many reasons why purchasing your own would be a better choice for you.

  • Clean what you want, when you want to with our high level cleaning equipment systems.
  • Protect equipment from becoming damaged by keeping on top of your cleaning.
  • Never be on a waiting list for cleans
  • Save money in the long run on your high reach cleaning

Why should you choose ATEX Premier Cleaning to buy your high level cleaning equipment?

There are many reasons why you should purchase a high level cleaning system from ATEX Premier Cleaning. Here are just a few:

  • ATEX Premier Cleaning offer free demonstrations so you can see how the equipment works before you buy it.
  • You have the option to hire and try a high level cleaning system before you commit to purchasing it.
  • Our high level cleaning equipment is the best on the market, and will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Our excellent customer service means that you can always count on us to be there when you need us, whether it’s for a free demonstration or simply to answer any questions you may have.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more or book your free demonstration below.