Why should I keep my gutters clean?

Why should I keep my gutters clean?

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs no one likes, but everyone has to do. If you don’t maintain your gutters, they can become clogged with debris, leak, and not function correctly.

They are put in place to protect the brickwork and foundations of your home from becoming water-damaged, as well as prevent basement flooding. A functioning gutter system will direct the water away from your home safely and securely.

If your gutter system isn’t looked after properly, it can also lead to water seeping under your roof tiles which can weaken your roof and cause further structural problems.

How can I maintain my gutters?


1. Regularly inspect for and repair any leaks and cracks

Make sure you check each pipe for any small holes or leaks, as well as make sure they are firmly secured to the house. Any physical damage can lead to the water not being directed away from the house efficiently, and lead to structural damage.

2. Clear debris as it appears

If you spot anything clogging up your gutter, clear it! If your gutter gets blocked and overflows, the rain water can cause damage to the roof, walls, and foundations of your house.

3. Test your downspouts

If you are able, it’s a good idea to test your downspouts (the pipes that direct the water down to the ground).

To do this, you can use a hose to push water down them from the top, and see how much debris comes out. If it runs free and clear, they don’t need cleaning, but if there is debris present you should consider getting a professional to check and unclog them.

4. Self-maintenance of your gutters

When inspecting and maintaining your gutters, you must use safe and appropriate equipment such as a sturdy ladder and thick gloves. At ATEX Premier Cleaning, we sell gutter systems which allow you to clean your gutters from the ground using a light 15.2m carbon fibre pole. Our GutterVacs are operated by one person, and don’t require you to climb to any heights.

5. Call a professional gutter cleaning service

Twice a year, or if you have found a leak, crack, or problematic debris, you should have a professional come and inspect and clean your home’s gutter system. They can clear your gutters, fix any cracks, and secure your gutters to the wall.

ATEX Premier Cleaning – Domestic and Commercial External Gutter Cleaning Across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire

If you are in need of a gutter cleaning service, we offer an affordable service using our GutterVac pole systems, so you only have to pay for one person to come out. We use cameras on our vacuum poles, so we can see inside your gutters to make sure we are doing a thorough job, and identify any issues.

ATEX Premier Cleaning provides a gutter cleaning service covering Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. You can hire and/or purchase the gutter cleaning equipment directly from us! Get in touch today to get a free quote.