What do I need for ATEX zone cleaning?

So you work in an ATEX zone, and you’re worrying about dust and other debris building up and becoming a combustion risk.

But how can you clean safely in an atmosphere exposed to explosive materials? How can you trust that what you’re doing will be safe?


ATEX zone cleaning guidelines

You need to keep on top of dust control in an ATEX zone, as it is flammable and provides risk. You also need to think about fumes, oil, lubricants, and any cleaning chemicals you use.

A good cleaning regime can ensure you remain COSHH compliant as well as stay within health and safety requirements.

You need to ensure that any chemicals used will be safe, as well as any equipment being spark free and non-conductive.

ATEX zone cleaning equipment compliance

There are cleaning systems available which are specially designed to be used in an ATEX zone.

Vacuums can be ATEX certified, and are made to minimise risk of ignition of materials when they are vacuumed up.

There are several things to think about when considering an ATEX zone appropriate vacuum:

  • Electric motor – if it overheats or sparks during use it will not be safe to use
  • Electrostatic charge – this needs to remain at a safe level when all the materials are put together and come into contact with the vacuum hose
  • Thermite sparks – these come from a reaction between rusty steel and other metals (except stainless steel), so when identifying an ATEX vacuum cleaner you should look for one with stainless steel tools
  • Dust clouds can form inside the vacuum cleaner which are an explosive risk, so you should use cleaner with a secondary filter or a cyclone mechanism
  • If you are going to use metallic tools, make sure that they are earthed
  • Be careful about what you vacuum up in an ATEX zone – nothing wet, smouldering, burning, or hot

You can find out more about ATEX vacuum guidance here.


Specialist ATEX zone cleaning services

An option that you have to ensure safe cleaning of an ATEX zone is to outsource your cleaning to a fully-trained and experienced company.

At ATEX Premier Cleaning, we offer thorough cleaning of your ATEX zone at affordable prices.
What is unique about us is that we use 15.2m carbon fibre poles with a range of stainless steel attachments to carry out our cleaning.

This means for high level or high reach cleaning in your ATEX zone, we can work without expensive access equipment.

We pride ourselves on our cleaning services being of the highest standard, and we can tailor your cleaning plan to any specific needs you have.

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