COSHH Cleaning, Compliance, and Costs


So, you’re a business that needs to remain COSHH compliant. What does this mean?

You need to regularly assess what you do that uses hazardous substances, how these could cause harm, and how you can reduce the risk of harm.


Cleaning for COSHH Compliance

A big way you can reduce the risk of harm for yourself and your employees is through the hiring of an expert cleaning company, experienced in ATEX cleaning.

Keeping your premises and equipment clean will reduce the risk of dust and product build-up.

Dependent on the substances in the environment, this could both damage your equipment and expose your employees to health risks such as cancer or asthma.

You have a duty of care to your employees to make their workplace below exposure limits and put control measures in place to ensure this remains.

The risk needs to be made as low as possible for your business premises to remain lawful.

COSHH Cleaning Companies

There are a number of ways to clean an ATEX environment, but one of the most popular new ways is to use high level vacuums that are non-conductive and 100% spark free.

Cleaning by vacuuming is a great idea in a number of respects for COSHH compliance.

Sweeping using a brush can mix hazardous substances and cause an explosion risk, especially in an ATEX environment.

Dust clouds can form, which when charged can cause an explosion on its own regardless of extra hazardous substances.

COSHH compliant cleaning encourages the use of vacuuming as the substances are collected into a specially designed system.

Once the clean has been undertaken the substances collected can then be disposed of safely.

ATEX Premier Cleaning for COSHH Compliance

We provide two ways you can carry out COSHH cleaning in ATEX environments.

You can purchase an ATEX approved internal high level cleaning system from us, with all the accessories you need to clean your premises.

If you get in touch with us and tell us your needs, we can advise what accessories would best suit your COSHH cleaning requirements.

We also provide an ATEX high level cleaning service where we come out and complete the clean for you.

This is easy, stress-free, and puts the worry of cleaning in our hands.

Get in touch to book a slot today.