Internal High Level Steam Cleaning

Why should you try commercial steam cleaning?


Commercial steam cleaning services are in high demand. New advances mean steam can be hotter and at higher pressures than ever, making dirt, grime, and stains a thing of the past.

Now, what does this mean?

Steam cleaning uses hot, pressurised steam to clean hard surfaces and remove dried-on residue and build up. The mix of heat and water melts away grease, fat, and oil with no problems.

This creates a powerful cleaning tool, that can rid your business premises of even the most stubborn stains.

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High Level Commercial Steam Cleaning | ATEX Premier Cleaning

Commercial steam cleaning is ideal for any environment where food might be being produced, processed, or cooked because of its strength against fat, grease, and oil.

A powerful steam cleaner can also take away stains from airborne dust and oxidation, where discolouration has occurred.

The strength of steam cleaning is easy to see, and its effectiveness alone is a key reason why you should try it.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

There are other benefits to commercial steam cleaning that you can utilise through ATEX Premier Cleaning.


Benefits of Using ATEX Premier Cleaning for your Commercial Steam Cleaning

We operate a high level steam cleaning system, which brings the power of steam to hard-to-reach places.

Previously, to benefit from a powerful commercial steam clean high up, you would have had to hire in expensive access equipment, perform safety checks and risk assessments for raising staff up high, and run the clean as a whole project in itself.

With our high level steam cleaning systems, only one person is required to operate it, and it can reach up to 15.2m high.

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