ATEX Premier Cleaning - a SpaceVac distributor and operator

In 2020, ATEX Premier Cleaning was born, but we wouldn’t have been born without SpaceVac.

I worked for a company called sales manager a few years ago, and SpaceVac approached me for them to do their sales.

I had a sit down meeting with the CEO and managing director, and I recognised a gap in the market for high level cleaning.

Not enough people were utilising this great equipment, meaning they were shelling out cash on access equipment.

When I got made redundant, I then went to SpaceVac to ask if I could sell their products and set up a company to provide cleaning services using their product.

Distribution of SpaceVac Equipment

ATEX Premier Cleaning is also a SpaceVac distributor, with an online shop where you can purchase SpaceVac’s high level vacuum cleaning equipment and carbon fibre pole kits. 

The most popular products in our shop are the gutter vacs and the high level systems. 

All the products are essential and useful in a commercial or industrial environment. We also provide training when a system is purchased, so we can show you how to use the equipment and bring it in house.

You can save a lot of money by bringing this in house, which is why we offer equipment distribution too.

Our range includes all of SpaceVac’s systems and accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to get cleaning.

SpaceVac in Our Services

We use SpaceVac international’s high level vacuum cleaning equipment in our nationwide high level internal cleaning and ATEX zone cleaning equipment. 

We also use SpaceVac gutter cleaning vacuums, with cameras to ensure a thorough job.

Their equipment is so helpful for internal high level cleaning in a number of respects.

  • For health and safety – there is no risk of falling from a height with our equipment.
  • No need to outsource access equipment which saves money
  • Saves time and money through only having to have one person operate the vacuum system and clean

It also helps in ATEX Zone cleaning as the pole systems are non conductive. 

Before this, there wasn’t anything like that on the market. A lot of companies were using brushes and causing dangerous dust clouds.

For gutter cleaning, we have no risk of falling from heights. 

There is also a camera accessory to add to the top of the pole, which provides images of the clean so both cleaner and customer can see their progress.

It’s more cost-effective for the customer, as only one person needs to be there – no one needs to hold the ladder! 

It’s also really quick, and each gutter clean only takes around an hour.


ATEX Premier Cleaning – What Now?

We provide high level cleaning, ATEX zone cleaning, gutter cleaning, and anti-microbial coating services. Book your quote, or request a demo below.

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