Why do I need regular gutter cleans?


Getting your gutters cleaned is just one of those jobs that gets sent to the bottom of the pile over and over again! 

But, in the long run, it’s one of the best ways to look after your home or business premises. 


What is the purpose of gutters?

The main purpose of guttering is to direct rainwater away from the building’s walls, windows, foundations, and gardens; all of which would suffer from water damage without it.

When rainwater runs down your roof and into the guttering, it needs to be channelled away from these areas as quickly as possible. That’s why guttering and drainage is designed the way it is. 

What can get stuck in gutters?

Many things have been found hiding out in gutters, but some of the most common offenders are:

  • Leaves
  • Moss
  • Birds’ nests
  • Pools of water that have frozen into ice
  • Sand, dust & mortar from the roof tiles or brickwork
  • Sticks & twigs

All of this debris can leave your guttering vulnerable to blockages and result in water overflowing and causing damage to your property. And this is why its important to keep your gutters clean!


The most common issues which arise from overflowing gutter systems:

#1. Damp – if water is consistently running down the outside of your building, it won’t take long to notice the effects inside. Damp walls is a common side effect of a blockage in your guttering.

#2. Water damage to walls – outside walls can also suffer when water is running down them from the guttering. Erosion of mortar and water damage to wooden beams or window frames are serious issues and expensive to fix.

#3. Subsidence & water-logged gardens – pooling water around the base of your walls can cause serious issues with the foundations. This can lead to subsidence if water is left to soften the soil and destabilise the ground.

Letting your gutter fend for itself can escalate into expensive problems later on.

ATEX Premier Cleaning’s External Gutter Cleaning Service

We use our unique high-level gutter vacuum system to hoover debris from your gutters, and leave them clear and free-flowing. 

The vacuum can reach up to 15.2m high and is operated from the ground. Our service provides an exceptionally cost-effective method of clearing your guttering.

We also use a camera system to show you before and after pictures to see the improvement.

For more information or to book your gutter clean, please get in touch with us by requesting a quote below.