High-Level Cleaning with High-Level Equipment – It’s Never Been Easier!


Cleanliness in the workplace is currently a foremost priority for most businesses, and so is making financial savings wherever possible.

We provide solutions to tick both of these boxes in one go!

Our high-level cleaning vacuum systems:

  • Reach up to 15.2m high, while being operated from the ground
  • Come with customisable cleaning heads, suitable for a wide range of needs, surfaces and environments
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • We can customise them for your specific environment, including ATEX, high-voltage and food-safe options


What are the benefits of a high-level vacuum set-up?

#1. It saves time you can’t afford to waste – bringing in access equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffolding, and suspending operations while you do so, can eat up a lot of time. Operating your cleaning equipment from the ground saves you a lot of time.

#2. It’s safer than the alternatives – again, because you’re not bringing in access equipment or working at height, it’s a much safer way to achieve a good clean in those hard to reach places.

#3. It’s cost-effectivepurchasing equipment which we can operate from ground level is a cost-effective way to clean that doesn’t involve bringing in outside contractors.

#4. It’s high-quality equipment – safety locking mechanisms, interchangeable cleaning heads and exceptional build quality make our products stand out from the competition.

Google Review: "I found the service to be remarkably easy and quick to book, the guys turned up on time did a thorough job and showed pictures of before and after the deep clean, highly recommended company, will carry on using them for future clean and will be recommending them to my family and friends, great company to do business with. Fast/Clean/Efficient no hassle."

Why outsource when you can buy the cleaning equipment yourself?

Outsourcing to a company like ours is one option when you are cleaning your workplace, but it’s not the only option.

By purchasing a kit, your staff can easily put it to use, saving you even more time and money.


Benefits of purchasing our high-level vacuum systems:

  • The equipment is easy for your team to use
  • You can customise your set-up to get the perfect solution for your space
  • We will deliver training to get you or your team up to scratch
  • We’re always here for support if you need it

Do you want help setting up your own cleaning company?

Now is a great time to be working in health & safety. 

Autumn and winter are also the most popular seasons for gutter cleaning. During the pandemic, working outside in open spaces is one of the more reliable sources of income.

Now may be the perfect time to set up your own high-level cleaning or gutter cleaning business, and we can help!

As above, we offer training and support to anyone purchasing equipment from us.

Get in touch for advice or book a demo today!