ATEX Premier Cleaning: The Cost-Effective Solution for Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Safe


Maintaining a clean, safe workplace is more important now than ever for business owners like you. With infection control high on the agenda for businesses, knowing how to protect your staff and customers is a must.

From warehouses and retailers, to schools and places of worship, you’re going to need to monitor and maintain hygiene standards more closely for a long time to come.

Hiring access equipment to reach the highest points in your building costs a fortune, because it requires a lot of people to be onsite, as well as the hiring costs for the equipment itself. It also takes away time from your daily operations.

I founded ATEX Premier Cleaning at the start of 2020 to provide solutions to these problems.

We use new high-reach cleaning systems that can clean areas up to 15.2m high to reduce costs through less people and equipment being needed, as well as decreasing cleaning time.

You can purchase these high-level cleaning systems, as well as training to use them, through our shop.

We offer a range of services to meet your specific cleaning needs at ATEX Premier Cleaning.

Cost-Effective High Level Cleaning


Many hard to reach places gather dust and dirt, which can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses. 

It’s important that you regularly clean these areas to keep yourself, your staff, and your customers safe.

However, cleaning these areas can be time-consuming and expensive, and will often require you to hire in cherry pickers or other access equipment.

We use a carbon-fibre pole cleaning system which operates from the ground. 

These high-level cleaning systems use a unique safety locking mechanism to hold them together, which allows them to extend up to 15.2m. 

We use our high-level vacuum systems with a vast range of different vacuum heads to ensure we can get every job done well.

We even use a camera to view the site live from a handheld monitor, to make certain a thorough job gets done even from ground level.

These systems allow one person and one vacuum to do the job of several people and a cherry picker, thus saving you time and money. 


ATEX Environment Cleaning


Some work environments require even more specialist attention. It’s important to ensure you clean ATEX zones regularly and thoroughly. 

Our team can safely clean any area which is ATEX-classified or poses a particular risk of explosions or fires using a guaranteed no-static, spark-free vacuum system.

Explosive and ATEX-certified areas pose a particular challenge for their owners and those designated to clean them. We use ATEX-certified cleaning systems to solve that problem.

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Internal High Level Cleaning

High Level Vacuum Cleaning Equipment Purchase


Hiring a cleaning team may make sense in some settings or industries, but for others, having the equipment onsite and available is what’s right for them. 

Alongside our cleaning service, we offer you the option to purchase the specialist equipment we use.

All purchases come with training to get you up and running, along with support as and when you need it.


External Gutter Cleaning


Blocked guttering can cause damage to your home or workplace, including:

  • Damp and rot inside your home
  • Damage to foundations by water not being diverted away from the brickwork
  • Frozen debris pulling guttering and facias away from the wall
  • Roof damage
  • Waterlogged garden areas below

We use the same high-level cleaning equipment as our internal system, with special hoses and vacuum heads for external use. We offer both hire and purchase options for this equiptment. 

This means we can clean gutters up to 15.2m high, all from the ground.

Antimicrobial Coating Service


More regular cleaning is now advised in all places of work or anywhere where people gather. 

Our spray-on antimicrobial coating service provides high levels of protection against viruses and bacteria including the coronavirus family) which lasts up to 90 days.

We can use it on most surfaces including fabric and wood. 

It works by forming an invisible layer of nanospikes that penetrate and kill cell membranes.

  • Features include:
  • Significantly reduces germ spread
  • ISO21702 & EN14476 accredited
  • Internal & external use
  • Suitable for most surfaces & fabrics
  • Invisible & odourless
  • Solvent-free
  • Non-flammable
  • Completion certificates provided
  • Site test performed every 30 days

It’s a new and innovative solution which saves time, and keeps staff, customers, and you all safe!

For more information on any of our services, please get in touch today.